Sunday Mornings
Rain Cane


Rain, Cane, Bayou Refrain

 This is the bayou primordial with the gratitude of past millenniums reflected on slow brown water. This is the bayou land of primeval skies colored magenta and lavender with clouds shaped like states and presidents.  This is the land created for people who once timbered giant cypress trees now remembered in structures and stories.  This is the place where folks still remember living on houseboats that now decay on land with rain-scented memories.  This is where cane grows in straight rows that mules once plowed.  This is where generations of families farm the land from grinding season to grinding season and everyone contributes to a good harvest.  This is the land of country and Cajun music; Chanky-chank, Rock and Roll, Zydeco and Swamp Pop.  The song of crickets serenades a setting sun on these ancient moving waters, a moving lyrical history that never dies.  Rain, Cane, Bayou Refrain. 

Keep it going. 

Mariana Titus

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