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Internet Reviews

  ‘Book Review - Summers Full of Porch Bull’

“One of my favorite stories in the book involved a boy who went to spend a week with his French-speaking Grandparents.  There was much love between them though they understood very little of each other's languages.  One day the grandson got bored and began shooting his Grandmother's chickens with his .22.  His Grandfather came roaring from around the house, ready to give the kid the whipping of his life, but the boy's Grandmother came outside and said, "You have nine down, just three more and you'll have my dozen I wanted killed."  That took the wind out of Grandpa's sails and bonded the boy to his Grandmother forever.”

Vicky Summertime, and the livin' is easy... D.


‘Rain, Cane, Bayou Refrain’

 “The cover has one of the most beautiful photos of a big thunderhead cloud that I've seen.  Did you know that Mariana took all the photos for her books?  When you see them, you will know why I am so impressed.

The dedication page is very touching.  If you know Mariana, you know how much love and respect she had for her Mama.  This book is dedicated to her mother.  The dedication is written so beautifully it made me cry.  She also dedicated the book to her husband, again with touching words.”

Vicky Summertime, and the livin' is easy... D.