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Graveyards and Bayou Bars

 Oral tradition is very much alive in Southern Louisiana.  Graveyards and Bayou Bars is a collection of anecdotes told by today’s Bayou People, influenced by the modern world but still guided by the spirit of their nature-loving ancestors.  To connect the present and past, these short narratives are juxtaposed with graveyard epitaphs heralding the triumphs and sorrows of those gone before.  Black-and-white photographs of storytellers, listeners and their soulful environs complement the text.  The reader is left to mix these conversational, poetic and graphic ingredients together like the oil, flower and seasoning of a flavorful roux. 

I grew up in Franklin, Louisiana and continue to spend my summers there.  Sitting on my mamma’s front porch across from the cemetery or in the small bars along Bayou Teche, I absorb conversations as moss soaks up humidity.  My photographs capture unguarded natural responses since most of these people are old friends.  Anyone who loves small town gossip, tall tales or eavesdropping should enjoy this colloquial gumbo.

Mariana Titus

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